Appios Communications
Appios Communications
GREEN DOT The life after
A. G. Leventis Gallery Proud creators of the Gallery's brand identity
Tulip Follow it's rhythm
El Greco Designing the footsteps of a legend
The Nature of Cyprus Unesco Exhibition
GREEN DOT CYPRUS The smile behind the vision
New Era A fly to New Era
ACS Courier Everything, everywhere!
They have rights too Yes, children do.
Coca Cola Fashion Week Repositioning a soft drink
Elle and Vire Black tie cow
FISSLER Solid foundation
GREEN DOT HERO Are you or you’re not a hero?
What goes around comes around
KOLLN Simply natural, uniquely enjoyable
Digital Work Push the boundaries
KES HIGH SCHOOL Make a loud start!
Is it Swiss? It is good!
Holiday Tours Honeymoon
HTZ Thumbs up!
GreenDot Yellow Pages Recycle the yellow pages
GreenDot Is it really so difficult to understand?
Kes College Study and demand
Leventio Museum Designing the communication of a museum
Megaelectric Temptation
Perrier Wii Competition Game, set, match to your health
Pfanner What’s inside?
Sailor Eco Pack
Sunbest So poor, so rich!
Tulip Opens easily
Weee The bin that bites
Apollonia Hotel New Logo
Louis Hotels Motivating workers

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