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THE WORLD OF CYPRUS Returns After almost 37 years, Adamantios Diamantis’s inspired composition “The World of Cyprus” has return to Cyprus. The masterpiece is to be exhibited, to the public, at The Leventis Municipal Museum and later on find its permanent place at The Leventis Gallery.

Appios Communication team was briefed to communicate the exhibition and bring people to the museum.

Current economic crisis our island is facing makes our task, communication with the public, even more difficult.
People do not pay attention to everyday messages and get confused in their own problems.
As the painting was created because of an urgent innermost need, the communication for the exhibition should have the same basis. The “key” to communicate was emotion. To make people feel a pinch in their heart, taking them back to the world they knew -rough, heavy, and sure of what was right and wrong. As the artist himself said, the figures can talk about the wisdom of their world.
The idea was there!
So, it is not just a composition -Is Kosmas from Lysi, Kleovoulos from Kissonerga, Papagiorkis from Assia, the girl from Myrtou and 63 other figures who are returning home, to the traditional values of our homeland.

Several figures were selected and displayed in various mediums, inviting the people to the exhibition and announcing their return to their roots,

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