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Appios Communications
A. G. Leventis Gallery Proud creators of the Gallery's brand identity From day one, in 2011, until the opening on the 25th of March in 2014 (3 whole years later), we were working hard by combining all the experience and creativity we have collected the past 20 years, with the vision of A. G. Leventis to build a Gallery of this magnitude in Cyprus.

This amazing opportunity none-the-less was a lot more than just being part of it! Our role was probably as important as its exhibits since we were responsible for the design and creation of a brand that could live up to the Gallery's standards.

From the logo design to the creation of the visuals and from the communication to the advertising of the Gallery, we have given it an identity that can be, recognizable and identifiable as well as able to communicate all its values and prestige.

We are more than proud to be part of this extraordinary project that will undoubtedly promote Cyprus in an international level.

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